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Binary Plus Training are a first aid training company based in Bacup Lancashire. We give people the skills and confidence to respond to emergency situations whilst helping business comply with Health and Safety regulations.

If You Don’t Know First Aid, You Can’t Help.

Our ethos is simple, we produce first aiders, not first aid certificates. This carries through to all of our courses. We deliver engaging and fun training that people don’t forget at affordable prices.

We Are Proud Members of UKREMT

UKREMT is the UK’s registry of emergency medical technicians. They verify all applicants which makes them the ONLY UK wide emergency medical technician registration scheme to have 100% verification.

Verified Supplier of the Super Medics® Course

Our senior instructor, James is a qualified Primary School Teacher and therefore has always had a passion for teaching, especially children. As a verified supplier of the Super Medics® course we are able to teach children aged 7 to 14 life-saving first aid training.

A fantastic course, tailored to the level of the class brilliantly. The whole thing was run professionally with plenty of opportunities to ask for further information as required. The trainer communicated well with the whole class. I look forward to doing more training with them in the future.

Richard A

Attended an online course. Provided excellent and thorough training. They were very clear and answered any and all questions. Really helped me understand what steps I should be taking and the language I can be using to help people. Really recommend a course with Binary Plus Training.

Jack W

James is possibly the best trainer I have ever worked with, he communicates clearly and ensures that everyone is working from the same page to make sure their is no misunderstandings. I look forward to working with him in future

Rick A

Why Choose Binary Plus Training?

Top Quality First Aid Training

It’s important to us that the training we deliver is memorable. Afterall, if you don’t remember it what’s the point? All our courses are delivered in a fun and engaging way.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have a passion for teaching as well as a passion for delivering top-quality training. We’re friendly, welcoming and make participants feel at ease.

Proactive Advice

Health & Safety regulations and guidance can be confusing. We deconstruct industry jargon and help you make the right decision so you can focus on running your business.

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