Private Courses


Due to the on-going pandemic extra safety procedures are in place and class sizes have been reduced for the safety of our staff and clients. Please contact us for more information regarding these restrictions.

Our highly experienced, approachable and professional trainers are able to deliver an exciting, memorable and informative experience for candidates on private courses. These courses can be delivered in your own premises or at another venue that you arrange. We are able to consult with you on the appropriateness of training venues.

All of our First Aid Courses are provided in compliance with the Health and Safety Executive's Due Diligence and comply with current guidelines published by the Resuscitation Council (UK); and the current edition of the first-aid manual of the Voluntary Aid Societies (St John Ambulance, British Red Cross, St Andrew’s First Aid); or other published guidelines, provided they are in line with the two above or supported by a responsible body of medical opinion.

As well as the standard Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day), First Aid at Work (3 day), Paediatric Level 2 First Aid (1 Day) and Paediatric Level 3 First Aid (2 Day) courses, we are also able to tailor first aid courses to your requirements whilst still ensuring that these courses comply with the HSE requirements for first aid cover in your business.

For our generic courses, our prices are listed below. These prices include all expenses with the exception of a course that may require additional travel such as a ferry or toll, if this will be an issue we will inform you of this at time of enquiry.

All of our Private Courses are adapted and tailored to the workplace at which they are aimed, so that your candidates are more prepared for dealing with any incidents in your place of work.

CoursePrice (Excluding VAT)Maximum Number of Candidates
Emergency First Aid at Work (1 Day)£500.0012
First Aid at Work (3 Day)£1300.0012
Emergency Paediatric First Aid (1 Day)£500.0012
Paediatric First Aid (2 Day)£900.0012
Fire Warden/Marshal (1 Day)£50020
Moving and Handling of Objects (1 Day)£50020
Moving and Handling of People (1 Day)£50020
Medical Gases (Half Day)£3006

For more information or to make a preliminary booking please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..